Recompute - We make it easy to do a Good Thing

Recompute -- We make it easy to do a Good Thing

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We have been noodling around an idea for a new business in Richmond/Wayne County for some time now and we would like some help from you reviewing our idea. Recompute would be a nonprofit tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) corporation devoted to reusing and recycling computing equipment.

The full document describing our current thinking can be found here. If you would rather jump to particular sections in that document you can use these links:

You don't have to look closely to see that there are a number of gaps, weak spots, etc. in this draft. Our hope was to start getting feedback before we were to far along to make changes, even substantive ones.

If you have any ideas, critiques, possible connections, etc. please send us a message using the link below, we are anxious to hear what you think about this project. We'll collate the feedback we get and post it here in about a week or so.

Thanks for your time.

Josh Hursey and Charlie Peck (send email to us).