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The XSEDE12 Student Programming Contest is a competitive programming event which will take place as part of the XSEDE12 Conference in Chicago, IL. Teams consisting of up to five students (high school, undergraduate, and/or graduate students) will be given eight to twelve problems from various scientific problem domain areas. To accommodate travel impediments, at least one team member is required to be physically present at XSEDE12, since all program development, testing, and deployment are restricted to the on-site computational resources. The contest will be based on the LittleFe cluster platform (http://LittleFe.net) and the Bootable Cluster CD software stack (http://BCCD.net). Contestants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with them before the contest.

Problem descriptions will be released one week prior to the on-site competition. Full problem descriptions and data sets will only be accessible to the teams on the day of the actual event. Students will have the bulk of the day, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, to submit code and solutions to as many problems as they choose. Part of the judging criteria will involve documentation of the team's activities. Each team will keep an engineering journal using electronic lab notebooks provided by the contest organizers.

To register a team, ask questions, etc. send email to xsede12-student-contest@cluster.earlham.edu

Team Composition

A team consists of up to five students from recognized high school, undergraduate, and/or graduate degree programs. Faculty, and other coaches not part of the student team, are encouraged to mentor students up to, and including, release of the problem descriptions; bus should have no involvement with the students on any aspect of the actual competition once the full problem details are released on the day of the event.

Hardware/Software Environments

Every team will be provided access to identical computational resources, a LittleFe v4 unit running the BCCD. Teams may not share resources. Team members may use their own laptops and the contest organizers remote computational resources if they request access to them. Team members will be able to install software on the LittleFe/BCCD unit during the contest.

Evaluation Criteria

The following factors will be taken into consideration in ranking and awarding team honors:

More Information

For more information, please direct questions to xsede12-student-contest@cluster.earlham.edu


Maximum of 15

  1. Clark Atlanta University (Peter Molnar) - Travon Haynes, Stephen Jones, Jr., David Williams, Zerotti Woods, Jimmy Zhangj, Fatima Ojeda
  2. XSEDE Scholars 1 (Alice Fisher) - Manuel Zubieta, David Manosalvas, Grace Silva, Nancy Carloa
  3. XSEDE Scholars 2 (Alice Fisher) - Lindley Graham, Mechel'le Saenz, Agnes Ramos-Beauchamp, Alejandro Weibel
  4. XSEDE Scholars 3 (Alice Fisher) - Elizabeth Alvarez, Ivy Krystal Jones, Brian Flowers, Kolawole Oni
  5. XSEDE Scholars 4 (Alice Fisher) - Jasmine Bunch, Mariela Barrera, Malika Harris, Paul Delgado, Jaime Guajardo
  6. XSEDE Scholars 5 (Alice Fisher) - Amanuel Weldemariam, Alemsthay Abeje, Erika Jones, Ivan Zecena, Julie Pedraza
  7. XSEDE Scholars 6 (Alice Fisher) - Carla Smith, Abigail Groff, Peter Njenga, Daniel Calderon, Malcom Chitsa
  8. XSEDE Scholars 7 (Alice Fisher) - Kenisha Ford, Lourdes Espinoza, Joseph Young, Mylo Carter, Eric Santos
  9. XSEDE Scholars 8 (Alice Fisher) - Melissa Estrada-Maravilla, Alex Grabacki, Carlos Sanchez, Ifueko Igbinedion, J.D. DeVaughn-Brown
  10. XSEDE Scholars 9 (Alice Fisher) - Nitocris Perez, Adolfo Escobedo-Pinto, Rolando Olivares, Stefano Rensi, Anja Guillory
  11. University of Michigan (Benson Muite) - TBD
  12. TBD
  13. TBD
  14. TBD
  15. TBD

Organizers' Notes


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