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There is a neurotoxin outbreak in an underground laboratory. The scientists inside are completely unprepared for this type of epidemic so their best bet is to get out as fast as possible. The only way out of the lab is through the escape elevators (they’re too high-tech for stairs). This will involve random walking (or running in this case), probability, and spread of poisonous gas.

Problem Description

A rectangular grid represents the underground laboratory. There are 3 elevators that are randomly placed around the edges of the lab. Each scientist is represented by a single pixel/variable/agent. They move around randomly in panic while moving closer to where the elevators are placed. The scientists cannot cross paths; they can only bump into each other and keep moving. If a scientist enters a square in the grid that has another scientist occupying it then there is a 50% chance of the latter being knocked either forward or backward. The neurotoxin is released from the middle and the bottom of the grid. If a graphical solution is used, the squares on the grid should change color to signify the spread of the neurotoxin. A counter will count three things: the number of scientists that die, the number that safely escape, and the amount of time the entire epidemic takes. Neurotoxin can kill an individual completely in about 2 minutes. The population of scientists in the laboratory is 700 (but it is a changeable parameter). The size of the laboratory is 800x900m (this is the changeable parameter). What is the probability of all of the scientists in the lab being able to escape to an elevator before death? Run multiple simulations; preference will be given to parallel solutions.

Required/Recommended Knowledge

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