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Environmental Impact

Rural night-time background 20-40 dB
Wind farm at 350m 35-45 dB
Car at 40 mph at 100m 55 dB
Busy general office 60 dB
Jet aircraft at 250m 105 dB

db - decibel

Newer technology has lowered the mortality rate to bats and birds. The single tower instead of a lattice support or guy wires makes collisions with the pole itself less of an issue in HAWTs. Blades are not required to spin as fast as they were twenty years ago and towers spaced farther apart to lower the risk to the avian population.

Comparison of Power Plants

Wind Energy Natural Gas Pulverized Coal
Project Life (years) 20 (120,000 hours) 30 30
Construction Period (years) 0.5 1 2
Plant Size (MW) 100 500 500
Capacity Factor 25%-30% 23%-57% 80%
Capital Costs ($/kW) $1000 $700-1,200 $1,070–$1,500
Average Operation & Maintenance ($/Mwh) 15 24 20
O&M per kWh $.01-.02 .04
Variable O&M ($/Mwh) 0 2.4 1.6-1.8
Fuel Costs ($/MBtu) 0 1.79-10 1.50

tables of emissions

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