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Robot Construction Track

Meeting Monday at 8pm

Robot Construction and Software should be done at the beginning of class on Tuesday

Robot Software Track

Robot Programming should be done at the beginning of class on Tuesday

Data Collection Track

Infrastructure Track

  1. Setup initial LaTeX template for the lab writeup [Started by Aaron 4/1]
  2. Decide where to put the lab file in source control (so we can all work on it)
  1. Determine Room Dimensions [Started by Patrick 4/1]
    1. D128 - 22 x 28 (EW x NS)
    2. D129 -
    3. Advanced Lab D124 - 24 x 28
  2. Setup data repository -- somewhere on quark that has group r/w for the robotics group [Aaron, Due Sunday @ 11:59:59]
  3. Create template for the off-limit areas of the 3 rooms [Patrick, Room 128 due Sunday @ 11:59:59, Other rooms due Tuesday @ 8am]
  4. Label origin, quadrants, and regular periodic distances (10 tiles perhaps) [Started by Brad 4/1]
  5. Define CSV format
  6. Create blank CSV template for each room
  7. Create wiki space for lab [Done by Brad 4/1]
  8. Wiki space for showing data files that have been collected
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