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Robot Construction Track

Meeting Monday at 8pm

Robot Software Track

  1. Decide on a location for scripts in source control

Data Collection Track

Infrastructure Track

  1. Setup initial LaTeX template for the lab writeup [Started by Aaron 4/1]
  2. Decide where to put the lab file in source control (so we can all work on it)
  1. Determine Room Dimensions [Started by Patrick 4/1]
    1. D128 - 22 x 28 (EW x NS)
    2. D129 -
    3. Advanced Lab D124 - 24 x 28
  2. Setup data repository -- somewhere on quark that has group r/w for the robotics group [Aaron, Due Sunday @ 11:59:59]
  3. Create template for the off-limit areas of the 3 rooms [Patrick, Room 128 due Sunday @ 11:59:59, Other rooms due Tuesday @ 8am]
  4. Label origin, quadrants, and regular periodic distances (10 tiles perhaps) [Started by Brad 4/1]
  5. Define CSV format
  6. Create blank CSV template for each room
  7. Create wiki space for lab [Done by Brad 4/1]
  8. Wiki space for showing data files that have been collected
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