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Multidisciplinary project

Facilitated by: 1. regular and established multidisciplinary meetings/communication (SciFri, SciDiv) 2. project of local interest and interest to students 3. project intentionally chosen to be as multidisciplinary as possible (chose project that fits multidisciplinary rather than choosing project and then altering it to make it multidisciplinary)

Common barriers: 1. time 2. staffing limitations at small schools 3. disciplines sometimes speak different "languages" 4. students often like to compartmentalize their education

How to overcome 1. face to face meetings and lots of communication 2. creativity and adaptability 3. common presentation material or guest presentations

Assessment 1. External evaluation - onsite visits 2. Internal surveys 3. personal reflections of faculty 4. exam questions (criterion referenced assessment)

Sustainability 1. Course module vs. separate course 2. Service learning - outside course or built into course

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