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Major Questions to address

Research statements Identify the senior personnel using the research facility for research/research training. Describe their research activities--identifying the specific questions being addressed, projects conducted in the facility, and sources of support, if any. In narrative or tabular form, list by number and type (e.g., senior personnel, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students) the personnel using the facility on a regular basis.

Could be done in alphabetical order

Could be done by area (discipline or department)

Identify as a single research structure with 5 shared research areas, each with a specific function (rather than dedicated for a single researcher). Describe each area (current and proposed).

Adequacy, limitations and constraints of facility as a whole. Look at commonalities first: - house facilities – (air, water, nitrogen, vacuum,….) - adequacy of benches – (lack of integrated power, lights,….) - adequacy of hoods – lack of space (4ft instead of 6ft), lack of number (increase by 2)

1. Identify and describe the research facility including its nature, location, size, configuration, purpose, age, condition, and date of major repair, refurbishment and/or last renovation, if any. - use description of SH as whole - need details of renovations of each area to do this

2. Discuss the adequacy, limitations, and constraints of the facility and the relevant impact of these conditions on research/research training activities in that facility. - limitations of the building (water, air, nitrogen, electric, benches,…) - limitations that are in common - small spaces – limit use by multiple users - inadequate configuration - special limitations – describe any that are specific to discipline - molecular - biochem - analysis - synthesis

3. Indicate what research and research training that is not now feasible in the facility would be enabled by the proposed infrastructure project. - examples for whole building work - examples for each area (Focus on multidisciplinary work, focus on biochem major, focus on increased #s)

4. Identify the specific space to be upgraded, the square footage of the facility, and indicate the percentage of time that the facility is used for research and research training and the fraction of space used for these purposes. Include the rationale for percentage determination if either is less than 100%.

- describe whole facility - describe each area

5. The description of needs should be comprehensive enough to allow reviewers to evaluate the extent to which the facility improvement is essential and appropriate.

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