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Wind Genny at Miller Farm


Shopping List

1. 130 foot 6AWG NMC power cable

   $300.00 at (theirs are single conductor, we'd need at least two)
   or 4x 130ft 12AWG NMC outdoor power cable = $395.60 at Lowes
   2x 50' 1/2" aluminum conduit = $34.44

2. Duplicates of the Dennis Outback equipment

    PDFs are here:
    Prices here:

unfortunately it seems that the flexmax charge controllers are designed for solar arrays and are not compatible with a wind source. Here's why: Granted the risk of blowing out a charge controller on our genny would probably not be of grave concern (it would take 50mph winds to get our genny to do above 7 amps on a 24VDC system), do we still take the risk given that the warranty and service won't cover it? MacroWind sells inverters and controllers that are compatible it seems with solar PV input. Randy from Third Sun thinks this to be the simplest way to handle our problem, however he did mention that using a step up converter, integrating wind into the system we have in Dennis is possible so perhaps it would be with the Farm. We need to have a separate controller for each application though but not necessarily a separate inverter.

3. Batteries

15202, the sealed AGM is closest to what we have in Dennis but 15210 would give us better value. We'd need some multiple of 2 of them at any rate.

4. circuit box and fuses.

      we already have an outdoor circuit box with extra space inside. Depending on what it's already connected to we could hijack it for alternative purposes
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