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Cover Page

Project Abstract

Project Narrative

Maximum of 25 pages conforming to the following requirements:

Proposals that do not comply with these requirements will not be accepted

Section A, Project Description

* 1. Statement of the work to be undertaken and expected significance.

* 2. Objectives/goals for the proposed work.

* 3. Project timeline keyed to the objectives/goals.

* 4. Relation of the objectives to:

** chemistry
** biology
** geology
** computer science
** mathematics

* 6. Technical problems that may be encountered and how they will be addressed.

* 7. Roles of all key project personnel.

* 8. Organization chart of key project personnel.

* 9. Description of facilities, equipment and resources available for the project.

* 10. Equipment requests should:

* 11. Plans for this project beyond the proposed time period, including financial support.

* 12. Describe how the success of the project will be evaluated in terms of the goals proposed. Include information regarding outside review committees, if appropriate.

Project Budget Form

Budget Narrative

Recognition Statement

Describe the manner in which the institution will recognize and acknowledge a W. M. Keck Foundation grant for this project.

Project Documents

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