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Colin's Cosmic Contemplations

Kate's Killer Thoughts and Reflections

Discovery: Having a job that says that you are "on duty 24 hours a day" does not lend itself to getting a lot of classwork done. oops.

Dan's Dusty Tomes of Lore

I'm guessing that the Gr-01 is what we're looking for. Our panel is a Solarex Mx64. Solarex was bought by BP. Not sure if current mounts are backwards compatible.

Ehren's Elegant Chicken Scratch

Tue. (The Big Day) Got to Dennis early and met up with Mic, Geoff, and Third Sun crew. Geoff remembered me from the wind project. Colin and Alex showed up soon thereafter and we went to work unpaking and cleaning the PV panels and then transporting them up to the roof. They are pretty bulky transport and it makes me nerveous to carry $900 equipment up a flight of stairs. After we got all the PV panels unpacked, I helped paint the platform in the display case and then assisted Geoff with the Outback conditioning equipment setup. Meanwhile Colin worked with two other Third Sun guys installing a DC breaker box on the roof and running conduit from it through the third floor ceiling and down to the breaker box in the Green Zone. The day was long, but I feel like I developed a much better understanding of the PV conditioning gear and how to set it up. I'm looking forward to when we can finishs hooking up the panels and go online. Wed. We met at the farm to test out our hot water unit. Colin had already installed one bleeder to fill the water loop. Dan put in a second in the basement and we filled the loop and evacuated all the air bubbles. Too bad it was so late in the day that we really didn't have much heat to work with. Sat. got up at the crack or dawn to drive out to the Kicks 96 radio tower with Mic, Charlie and the crew and meet the folks working on setting up anamometers in preparation for an RP&L wind farm. Met Mayor Sally Hutten and Bob Weatherspoon, both very sharp folks. After the radio tower party, we went back to the farm and discussed the details for reusing the tanks and installing out hot water system on the roof. Looked online and found information on Thermal Store water heating systems and heat exchangers.

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