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Making Directories

~$ cd /p0/hip/
~$ sudo mkdir archives  (to hold files required to build kernel)
~$ sudo mkdir dev_local (to hold a local copy of the image for building kernel)

Downloading Required Files

Developer CD/Image, Kernel & patch

Move all files to /p0/hip/archives

Preparing Files

Extract all downloaded files in /p0/hip/archives

~$ sudo mount -o loop /p0/hip/archives/ts-dev.img /p0/hip/mnt/
~$ sudo cp -dpr /p0/hip/mnt/* /p0/hip/dev_local/
~$ sudo umount /p0/hip/mnt/
~$ sudo cp -dpr /p0/hip/archives/linux-2.4.23 /p0/hip/dev_local/usr/src/
~$ sudo cp /p0/hip/archives/TS-2.5-2.4.23.patch /p0/hip/dev_local/usr/src/
~$ cd /p0/hip/dev_local/usr/src/
~$ sudo patch -p0 < TS-2.5-2.4.23.patch

If kernel is being patched correctly, you should see something like this...

patching file linux-2.4.23/.config
patching file linux-2.4.23/Documentation/Configure.help
patching file linux-2.4.23/Makefile
patching file linux-2.4.23/include/linux/blk.h
patching file linux-2.4.23/include/linux/major.h
patching file linux-2.4.23/include/linux/ts_sbc.h

Building Kernel

Config and Build Kernel

  1. cd to linux-2.4.23
  2. run menuconfig
make menuconfig
  1. enable everything under General Setup > Power Management Support
  2. exit and save
  3. run make
make dep && make bzImage && make modules 
  1. make a modules directory, /usr/src/modules, and run make modules_install
make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/usr/src/modules

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