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(To Do for 10/09)
(February 6, 2006)
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**water monitoring
**water monitoring
**short term weather forecasting (potentially)
**short term weather forecasting (potentially)
==February 6, 2006==
Tom, Colin, Alex, Maduna, Jeff, Bryan, Alan, Charlie
* Do we have a calibration/accuracy problem WRT wind direction? Rest of the stuff listed below  (Colin, Alex, Bryan)
* GPS (Alex and Jeff)
* Watchdog timer (Jeff)
* Rain gauge, try plugging into the interface and testing (Maduna, Tom)
==January 30, 2006==
==January 30, 2006==

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The Summer 2009 project page: https://wiki.cs.earlham.edu/index.php/HIP:summer2009

The Summer 2008 Party and Todo list is here: http://stewie.cs.earlham.edu/trac.cgi/wiki/TODO


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Documentation for Portable Units

May 11, 2009

January 19, 2009

January 30, 2006

Colin, Alex, Tom, Jeff, Bryan, Maduna, Alan, Charlie

Organization Meeting - January 11, 2006

Alex, Bryan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Jeff, Charlie

To Do

Last updated 2006-02-05

Useful Support Documents from Davis Instruments:

Other local data that can easily be harvested: Farmland


To Do For winter 09


the weather or we we are gonna find another machine, or we are going to work on trying to find a linux compatible software??

To Do For Start of Semester '10

To Do For Summer '10


  • What can we do with the GPS on top of Dennis

  • how, and where can I find documentation for the GPS?
  • Can we get a windows OS for Zoey?

Spring, 2011

5 February Telecon

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