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(Fall 2012)
(March 6, 2006)
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**water monitoring
**water monitoring
**short term weather forecasting (potentially)
**short term weather forecasting (potentially)
==March 6, 2006==
Alan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Tom, Bryan, Jeff, Charlie
* Alex did the mojo and we now have DBI/DBD on the pmp.  Next is finish transactions and cleanup code. 
* Jeff emailed ARM about the watchdog timer, no word yet.  Charlie will look at the BIOS setting. 
* Colin will look into how to do damping of the direction and speed readimg.
* Colin will fix the graphs including the date ranges.
* Breadboard Wed at 1p
* Rainguage is working and recording data, congrats Tom and Maduna.  Mounting, reseting discipline and technique, and display elements are all that's left.
* Windchill calculation, both the Davis interface firmware upgrade and the new formula.  Bryan.
* X10 systems.  Tom waded into this and found some stuff.  Heyu.  Alan will get a serial controller.
* Use WECI tower for annenometer mountings.
* GPS.
==February 13, 2006==
==February 13, 2006==

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May 11, 2009

January 19, 2009

February 13, 2006

Alan, Jeff, Bryan, Colin, Maduna, Tom, Alex, Charlie

February 6, 2006

Tom, Colin, Alex, Maduna, Jeff, Bryan, Alan, Charlie

January 30, 2006

Colin, Alex, Tom, Jeff, Bryan, Maduna, Alan, Charlie

Organization Meeting - January 11, 2006

Alex, Bryan, Colin, Tom, Maduna, Jeff, Charlie

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Useful Support Documents from Davis Instruments:

Other local data that can easily be harvested: Farmland


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the weather or we we are gonna find another machine, or we are going to work on trying to find a linux compatible software??

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  • What can we do with the GPS on top of Dennis

  • how, and where can I find documentation for the GPS?
  • Can we get a windows OS for Zoey?

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5 February Telecon

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