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Lab 2: Holy Pigeon P$#! Batman, it's Penelope Poison!


Lab Groups

Listed below are your scientifically chosen lab groups:


  1. Identify where each image was taken.
  2. At each of those locations record the following:

Remember to record at least three readings for each parameter at each location. Later you can aggregate each of those groups of three readings into a measurement of that parameter for that location.

Tools and Methods



Once you folks begin working on the lab I will be available to answer questions, etc. You can find me at roughly 51.502998, -0.165623 until 14:30, and at roughly 51.511393, -0.127091 after 15:00. I won't be checking email or text messages between 11:30 and 14:30.

A picture that duplicates as near as possible the one you were given of the location. The latitude, longitude and elevation of the location. The wind direction and speed when you are there.



describe the visualization, picadilly line poster image obfuscated locations, "image files contain enough information..."

London is in a pickle, and it's your job to help them out of it. The notorious Dick Dasterdly has threatened to release a poisonos substance into London's water supply, in order to thwart his plan the emergency response people need an isothermic map with pH overlay of a number of centrally located bodies of water.

descriptive not proscriptive, except maybe for the end result (the viz)?

Trafalgar square fountain Round Pond Italian fountain Serpentine West, Hyde Park Serpentine East, Hyde Park St James Park, West North bank of the Thames @ ??? Stare at the high level and see what the path is likely to be, sample along that route.

All samples taken within a 2 (or 3?) hour window All locations sampled by two completely independent teams All locations water temperature with infrared and regular thermo, pH, ? All locations air temp with regular thermo (orange) and ?

They figure-out how to calibrate all the instruments ice and boiling water for temp documented procedure for pH

Normally you would take water and air samples too (editorial footnote)

Organize yourselfs, one big group? No, two groups that cover the whole thing, ensures ability to compare different people, or, 4 groups?

Each site has to be sampled by two completely different groups of people. Readings and measurements kept separately and then aggregated into data to use in the visualization (that is easy to do each set separately if need be).

deadline of 19:00 that day and dinner together afterwords? One weeks worth of class, mon and tue prep, sat data and assembly, dinner on Sunday 19:00 with presentation of results?

What can you hypothosize about the macro level water flow in London from the data you collected?

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