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S,T & S Final Research Paper: Depression

The aim of this paper is to synthesize and summarize the current information and discourse about depression through the lenses of science, technology, and society. Though the paper has been structured in such a way as might suggest that these three categories could stand on their own, what should become evident is that, while it is possible to address them separately, there are beneficial insights to be gained by addressing them jointly. Science (what we know about depression), technology (the tools we use to work against the problems it causes), and the society (for our purposes, the cultural and economic forces that surround, interact with, act upon, and respond to science and technology), all influence each other. As depression becomes more and more widely diagnosed, especially in higher-income nations, what scientists understand about it and how we go about treating it is becoming more and more important.

Science: What is Depression?

What is colloquially referred to as depression is actually classified by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV as several different mood disorders. A mood disorder is a mental disorder in which the root cause of symptoms is extreme, or extremely limited, mood outside the range considered healthy and normal [1]. The two main forms of mood dysfunction are mania, an abnormally elevated or irritable mood [2]

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