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Dover, Saturday 26 March 2011


Please be at King's Cross/St. Pancras station at or before 8:30 on Saturday, we'll be taking the 8:54 train to Dover. We'll meet at the same place in the station as we did for the trip to Cambridge.

Don't forget to check the TFL's weekend tube closures list ahead of time to make sure you know the route to take on Saturday morning. I picked King's Cross/St. Pancras station since it is served by a number of Underground lines which should make getting there easier.

For the return we'll probably catch the 19:44 from Dover which will get us back to King's Cross/St. Pancras at 21:07.


Wear comfortable walking shoes to Dover! We'll be walking around town, to and around the castle, and to and around the cliffs. Bill, this means you can't wear those fabulous Jimmy Choo red heels I saw you with yesterday ;)


Read a bit about Dover, in particular about the history, castle and cliffs:

There is also a nice museum in downtown Dover with many of pre-historic artifacts including a Bronze Age boat that was recently unearthed there.


Our first stop in Dover will be the castle. We're booked-in as a group for 11:00 which should give us plenty of time to get up there. At 12:20 we'll have tour of the Underground Hospital, a part of the castle that played a role during WWII (there are others too). After that you are free to tour the rest of the castle and grounds, the views are spectacular and the forecast for Saturday is sunny and warm.

The famous White Cliffs of Dover are nearby to the castle. There is a very nice walking path, the initial portion of which is paved, which winds along the edge of the cliffs. The view across the channel to France is very nice. You are free to explore this at your leisure.

The museum in downtown Dover is quite nice, it has mostly pre-historic exhibits including a Bronze Age boat that was recently unearthed in Dover during the construction of a highway underpass. You are free to explore this at your leisure, if you go save your receipt so you can be reimbursed for it under your cultural allowance.

The beach and seashore walk are quite pleasant, there are jetties to walk out on and benches where you can sit and read, write software, etc.

We'll meet for dinner at 1700 in the town square, actually it's a circle but you know what I mean.

Blogger and Photographer

We will need two volunteers from the studio audience to take pictures and write-up/post a blog entry about this excursion. Get in touch if you are interested. In order to spur interest in these positions I'm offering 5 bonus points if you take on one of these tasks.

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