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* from the laptop you've taken the data file
* from the laptop you've taken the data file
  $ scp mydatafile.dat
  $ scp mydatafile.dat
* from your home directory on quark
$ ssh
  $ cp -i mydatafile.dat /tmp/robotics
  $ cp -i mydatafile.dat /tmp/robotics
'''IMPORTANT:  Don't overwrite a file you didn't create!'''

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A short description of how to do data collection. You may find it useful to look at these maps.

First time Precollection setup

  1. Update hicompass to the [latest version]
  2. Checkout the github repository
    • git://
    • more info at [github]

Every time data collection


  1. Make sure all the compasses you will be using are connected
    • The current plan is to use 4
  2. Make sure that refers to your bot
  3. Start up your program
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
    • Each compass's ID is written on it in permanent dry-erase marker.
    • Expected values and the details of the coordinate system are on their way.

Running: Repeat the following steps until the entire room is mapped

  1. Place your robot on the center of a tile
    • Make sure to keep it facing the same direction!
  2. use the WASD keys to move the abstract coordinates of the box to reflect its new location
  3. press the spacebar and wait for the data collection to complete

When you are finished, press "q" to stop the program.

Put the data file you've created on quark:

$ scp mydatafile.dat
$ ssh
$ cp -i mydatafile.dat /tmp/robotics

IMPORTANT: Don't overwrite a file you didn't create!

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