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Put your name next to four of the chapters that you will be responsible for teaching the rest of us this semester with a presentation and short assignment. If one of the ones you were interested in is already taken please choose another in its place.

  1. ALGORITHMS Cooking Up Programs - your name here
  2. FINITE AUTOMATA The Black Box - your name here
  3. SYSTEMS OF LOGIC Boolean Bases - your name here
  4. SIMULATION The Monte Carlo Method - Samuel
  5. GÖDEL'S THEOREM Limits on Logic - your name here
  6. GAME TRESS The Minimax Method - Brad
  7. THE COMSKY HIERARCHY Four Computers - your name here
  8. RANDOM NUMBERS The Chaitin-Kolmogoroff Theory - your name here
  9. MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH The Mandelbrot Set - Nate
  10. PROGRAM CORRECTNESS Ultimate Debugging - Dylan
  11. SEARCH TRESS Traversal and Maintenance - your name here
  12. ERROR-CORRECTING CODE Pictures from Space - your name here
  13. BOOLEAN LOGIC Expressions and Circuits - your name here
  14. REGULAR LANGUAGE Pumping Words - your name here
  15. TIME AND SPACE COMPLEXITY The Big-0 Notation - your name here
  16. GENETIC ALGORITHMS Solutions That Evolve - Brad
  17. THE RANDOM ACCESS MACHINE An Abstract Computer - your name here
  18. SPINAL CURVES Smooth Interpolation - your name here
  19. COMPUTER VISION Polyhedral Scenes - Brad
  20. KARNAUGH MAPS Circuit Minimization - your name here
  21. THE NEWTON-RAPHSON METHOD Finding Roots - your name here
  22. MINIMUM SPANNING TREES A Fast Algorithm - your name here
  23. GENERATIVE GRAMMARS Lindenmayer Systems - your name here
  24. RECURSION The Sierpinski Curve - your name here
  25. FAST MULTIPLICATION Divide and Conquer - your name here
  26. NONDETERMINISM Automata That Guess Correctly - your name here
  27. PERCEPTIONS A Lack of Vision - Nate
  28. ENCODERS AND MULTIPLEXERS Manipulating Memory - your name here
  29. CAT SCANNING Cross-Sectional X-Rays - your name here
  30. TIE PARTITION PROBLEM A Pseudo-fast Algorithm - your name here
  31. TURING MACHINES The Simplest Computers - your name here
  32. THE FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM Redistributing Images - your name here
  33. ANALOG COMPUTATION Spaghetti Computers - Sam Leeman-Munk
  34. SATISFIABILITY A Central Problem - your name here
  35. SEQUENTIAL SORTING A Lower Bound on Speed - your name here
  36. NEURAL NETWORKS THAT LEARN Converting Coordinates - Samuel
  37. PUBLIC KEY CRYPTOGRAPHY Intractable Secrets - Samuel
  38. SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS A Computer Memory - your name here
  39. NONCOMPUTABLE FUNCTIONS The Busy Beaver Problem - your name here
  40. HEAPS AND MERGES The Fastest Sorts of Sorts - Dylan
  41. NP-COMPLETENESS Wall of Intractability - your name here
  42. NUMBER SYSTEMS FOR COMPUTING Chinese Arithmetic - Aaron
  43. STORAGE BY HASHING The Key Is the Address - your name here
  44. CELLULAR AUTOMATA The Game of Life - Sam Leeman-Munk
  45. COOK'S THEOREM Nuts and Bolts - Aaron
  46. SELF-REPLICATING COMPUTERS Codd's Machine - Sam Leeman-Munk
  47. STORING IMAGES A Cat in a Quad Tree - Nate
  48. THE SCRAM A Simplified Computer - Dylan
  49. SHANNON'S THEORY The Elusive Codes - Aaron
  50. DETECTING PRIMES An Algorithm that Almost Always Works - your name here
  51. UNIVERSAL TURING MACHINES Computers as Programs - your name here
  52. TEXT COMPRESSION Huffman Coding - your name here
  53. DISK OPERATING SYSTEMS Bootstrapping the Computer - your name here
  54. NP-COMPLETE PROBLEMS The Tree of Intractability - Aaron
  55. ITERATION AND RECURSION The Towers of Hanoi - Dylan
  56. VLSI COMPUTERS Circuits in Silicon - your name here
  57. LINEAR PROGRAMMING The Simplex Method - your name here
  58. PREDICATE CALCULUS The Resolution Method - your name here
  59. THE HALTING PROBLEM The Uncomputable - Sam Leeman-Munk
  60. COMPUTER VIRUSES A Software Invasion - Brad
  61. SEARCHING STRINGS The Boyer-Moore Algorithm - your name here
  62. PARALLEL COMPUTING Processors with Connections - your name here
  63. THE WORD PROBLEM Dictionaries as Programs - your name here
  64. LOGIC PROGRAMMING Prologue to Expertise - Nate
  65. RELATIONAL DATABASES Do-It-Yourself Queries - Samuel
  66. CHURCH'S THESIS All Computers Are Created Equal - your name here
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