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Porting Intel's Smoke Game Demo to Linux

Background Information

Near Term Tasks

  1. Examine all of the documentation and build an annotated index of it in the wiki. Don't link to them (yet), don't want to re-publish Intel's materials. (To Do)
  2. Examine all of the directory tree and build an annotated index of it in the wiki. (To Do)
  3. Examine all of the includes in Smoke.cpp and propose solutions for porting/converting/removing each of them. (To Do)
  4. Figure-out how each of these works, propose a solution for porting/converting/removing each of them:
    • Logging (To Do)
    • Debugging (To Do)
    • EngineExecuteGDF (To Do)
  5. Develop an ordered plan in the wiki (collective, in class on Tuesday)
    • Modules
    • Libraries
      • Ogre/OpenGL replacing DirectX (To Do)
      • Find and guard/eliminate .NET stuff (To Do)
      • DirectX -> ? conversion for SystemInput and SystemFire (To Do)
    • Functionality
  6. Figure-out Doxygen and build a doc set (To Do)
  7. Figure-out Make and construct the first simple Makefile that builds Smoke (collective, in class on Tuesday)
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