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CEC Demo House


Energy Use Monitioring

This is what we need to do to monitor our power use.

Monitoring Hardware

Whole House

Outlet Devices

Cool Product Sites

Home Design Ideas


General Landscaping

kentucky bluegrass-conventional, need lots of water and chemicals to thrive in our area "xeriscaping": landscaping that minimizes water demand -->proper soil prep, drought-tolerant plants, rainwater harvesting, mulching. Costs half as much as standard landscaped yards.

native species: beech tree talk to stephanie about this

Landscaping for Wind

might be a concern for us because we are working with an older and leakier house. could reduce our energy use by 10-40 percent, depending on how windy it is in our area and how much draft gets in. -most effective windbreaks are trees or shrubs with low crowns and dense foliage -where to place them? -page 180 has placement of trees around hypothetical house evergreens for wind, deciduous for sun we want the evergreen upwind from house. rows of trees, one or more The optimum distance for reducing wind velocity is about one to three times tree height.

Landscaping for Heating and Cooling

trees can assist in cooling by the shade they produce and by the process of evapotranspiration deciduous treeson east and west sides of the house only in areas that are more than 60 degrees e or w of due south from the house. Don't place on south side where winter sun will be blocked from providing energy (even bare branches can block a lot of sunlight).

what is our "solar window"?-how much sunlight do we get per day based on our placement?

we need to think about how much space we have above and below ground for the vegetation to grow--tree roots can be very wide spread

vines on an arbor is another idea that could be cool solar screens awnings

Indigenous Plant Suppliers

Dean Hill, ASLA 9677 Amber Glow Court Fishers, IN 46038 Tel. 317-577-1360 Registered Landscape Architect; services include residential / commercial landscape architecture design and habitat restoration

C. M. Hobbs & Sons, Inc. P.O. Box 31227 Indianapolis, IN 46321-0227 Tel. 317-247-4478 Fax: 317-241-9253 Percentage of product that is native plant material: 15% Product includes trees& shrubs; catalog available

Madeline F. Elder Greenhouse of the Indianapolis Museum of Art 1200 W. 38th Street Indianapolis, IN 46208 Tel. 317-920-2652 Fax: 317-920-2672 retail nursery; native and non-native plants available; many native species may be viewed growing on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Mark M. Holeman, Inc. 7871 Hague Road Indianapolis, IN 46256 Tel. 317-849-3120 Fax: 317-578-0439 Percentage of product that is native plant material: 20% retail nursery; product includes prairie, woodland, wetland plants, native grasses, trees & shrubs;services include residential and commercial landscape design

Marvin's Organic Gardens Main Office: 3989 US Route 42 Lebanon, Ohio 45036Phone:513-398-5753 Fax: 513-398-6015 Garden Center: 2055 US Route 42 Lebanon, OH 45036 Phone: 513-932-3319 Marvin's Organic Gardens is a full service nursery, landscape design company and garden center located 25 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, in Lebanon, Ohio. Organic, natural and safe gardening practices are the heart of our company. Our goal is to provide plant material that is garden worthy, tough and durable, and not over-used. High percentage of native plant material with some plants available that are not available elsewhere.???

Mary's Plant Farm 2410 Lanes Mill Road Hamilton, OH 45013-9181 Tel. 513-894-0022 Fax: 513-892-2053 Percentage of product that is native plant material: 80% retail nursery; product includes prairie, woodland, wetland plants, native grasses, trees & shrubs; mail order catalog available

Spence Restoration Nursery 2220 E. Fuson Road P.O. Box 546 Muncie IN 47308 Tel. 765-286-7154 Fax: 765-286-0264 Percentage of product that is native plant material: 100% wholesale / retail nursery; product includes prairie, woodland, wetland plants and native grasses; floral inventories, retention basin / pond planting and design

Springbrook Farms 7300 W. 88th Street Indianapolis, IN 46278 Tel. 317-873-4300 Fax: 317-873-4596 woodland perennial gardens; some native species

Local Food Suppliers

Oxford Natural Foods
(on 9th st.)
Richmond, IN

Elkhorn Farms
6451 Greenmount Pike
Richmond, IN 47374
(765) 966-0097

Nature's Nook
1601 Chester Blvd.

Good Earth Natural Foods
6350 Guilford Ave (at Broadripple Ave)
Indianapolis, IN

Local Furniture Suppliers

Harmon's a-1 Used Appliances & New & Used Furniture
(on W Main between 2nd and 3rd)
(not local, but reclaims old wood from buildings)

Gloria's Used Furniture
2440 Lafayette Rd Ste 2
Indianapolis, IN 46222

Salvation Army The Citadel Corp
Po Box 1485
Richmond, IN 47375

Goodwill Industries Of Central In
3791 National Rd E
Richmond, IN 47374

Living Green
(information about recycling in Indiana)
(great website with lots of information including info. about green household products such as detergents and cleaning supplies)

Map of Indiana:

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