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Current To-Do

Date represents last meeting where we discussed the item

 * 2 y-axis scales (runtime and problem size)
 * error bars for left and right y-axes with checkboxes for each
 * eps file for the poster
 * Update based on Fitz's notes from Kraken
 * Order the boards -- Charlie
 Board Criteria:
 * mini itx form factor
 * at least 2 core (probably max 2 core)
 * 2 GB ram
 * Cuda Enabled (with chip on board); OpenCL O.K. too
 * How many node boot up as dhcp servers?  (answer:  just the first one, confirmed 10/13)
 * Liberation testing -- Charlie, Gus, Sam, Aaron -- moved to Tuesday, 10/20 @ 2:30p
 * Verify no I/O errors in dmesg
 * Test all boot options, including linux 5
 * Send /etc/bccd-revision to Skylar w/ each email
 * Test MPICH2 on Life, paramspace, GalaxSee, etc.
   * module unload openmpi && module load mpich2 && make clean && make
   * for MPICH2, machines file must be in current directory
   * do -np 2, 4, etc.
 * Send flight info to Jeff Krause -- Charlie
 * Talk to Travel-On -- Brad and Charlie
 * Take exact same set of runs on Sooner
 * Describe the environment we've created -- how we obtain results is just as interesting as results themselves
 * Pick good graphs
 * Add text of TeraGrid poster into CVS -- Sam
 * Update Fitz's abstract -- Fitz
 * EC -- Wednesday (10/21) @ 6 pm
 * SCEd -- Combine TeraGrid and Fitz posters

Summer of Fun (2009)

An external doc for GalaxSee
Documentation for OpenSim GalaxSee

What's in the database?

GalaxSee (MPI) area-under-curve (MPI, openmpi) area-under-curve (Hybrid, openmpi)
acl0-5 bs0-5 GigE bs0-5 IB acl0-5 bs0-5 GigE bs0-5 IB acl0-5 bs0-5 GigE bs0-5 IB
np X-XX 2-20 2-48 2-48 2-12 2-48 2-48 2-20 2-48 2-48

What works so far? B = builds, R = runs, W = works

B-builds, R-runs area under curve GalaxSee (standalone)
Serial MPI OpenMP Hybrid Serial MPI OpenMP Hybrid
c13 BRW
Charlie's laptop BRW

To Do

Implementations of area under the curve

GalaxSee Goals

GalaxSee - scale to petascale with MPI and OpenMP hybrid.


Notes from May 21, 2009 Review

BobSCEd Upgrade

Build a new image for BobSCEd:

  1. One of the Suse versions supported for Gaussian09 on EM64T [v11.1] - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3; SuSE Linux 9.3, 10.3, 11.1; or SuSE Linux Enterprise 10 (see G09 platform list) <-- CentOS 5.3 runs Gaussian binaries for RHEL ok
  2. Firmware update?
  3. C3 tools and configuration [v4.0.1]
  4. Ganglia and configuration [v3.1.2]
  5. PBS and configuration [v2.3.16]
  6. /cluster/bobsced local to bs0
  7. /cluster/... passed-through to compute nodes
  8. Large local scratch space on each node
  9. Gaussian09
  10. WebMO and configuration [v9.1] - Gamess, Gaussian, Mopac, Tinker
  11. Infiniband and configuration
  12. GNU toolchain with OpenMPI and MPICH [GCC v4.4.0], [OpenMPI v1.3.2] [MPICH v1.2.7p1]
  13. Intel toolchain with OpenMPI and native libraries
  14. Sage with do-dads (see Charlie)
  15. Systemimager for the client nodes?


Fix the broken nodes.

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BCCD Liberation

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