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In order to chroot the Sage notebook, I used a mix of steps from the following guides:


The image itself is at /mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot.image (aka /cluster/bobscednew/sage_chroot.image). It gets mounted in the same directory as sage_chroot (it's an ext3 filesystem). The chroot needs to have /dev and /proc, so here's a copy of the relevant parts of /etc/fstab:

/mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot.image /mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot ext3 loop 0 0
/dev            /mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot/dev devpts  defaults        0 0
/proc           /mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot/proc proc   defaults        0 0

In order to get yum to install there, I had to edit /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo and hard code $releasever to 3.5. I also commented out all the repositories except the top one. Then I was able to run:

yum --installroot=/mounts/bobsced/sage_chroot install bash fileutils sed which make gcc gcc-c++ m4 tar gzip bzip2 flex bison findutils yum rpm passwd perl diffutils

to set up the base install of the OS for the chroot. It also needs a copy of /etc/hosts for the localhost entry.

Sage Install

I downloaded the tar ball normally and then moved it into the chroot from the base filesystem. I untarred it from the base filesystem, too, then ran

make test
make install
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