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Current To Do

This list should be annotated with the initials of who is working on each item.

Cluster Pages

Installing Software

Enabling a package within Modules

If you think your new package is important enough to be loaded by default, then add it to the list in /mounts/al-salam/software/Modules/3.2.7/init/al-salam.{sh,csh}

DNS/DCHP for a single host

Users and Groups

Users are authenticated based on an LDAP server running on Hopper. cpu is installed on Hopper as an LDAP-user management tool. You should use it to view/edit/create users unless you're super comfortable with ldapmodify and LDIF. Passwords can be changed easily with the ldpasswd command on Hopper. It can be used both by users to change their own password and root to change another user's password.

Groups are also in LDAP. Check the tail end of the result of cpu cat for group info.

man cpu-ldap will tell you all about using cpu for user/group management. For the most part, its format is pretty similar to pw, but there are some minor differences. Read the man page.


New Hopper

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