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When your unit(s) are in a stable location change the Topic column to an actual link. When it's ready to be reviewed put a "Y" in the Ready to Review column. This is the signal that the reviewers will look for; no Y, no review.

Topic Matrix
Week Topic Unit(s) Who Discipline(s) Skill(s) Tool(s) Notes Ready to Review?
1 What's a Model? Foundations Sam, Mikio Generic TBD TBD
2 Using a Dynamic Model Fire Fitz, Vlado Forestry Critical parameter, parameter sweep Agent modeling, NetLogo
3 Building a Static Model Area Philip, Bryan Generic Accuracy, precision, estimation Mashup Software and physical
4 Visualizing Data Mashup Matt, Nate TBD TBD Mashup Tufte based approach?
5-6 Structural Modeling Bridge Bryan, Dylan Physics TBD TBD Software and physical? N
7-8 Equation Modeling Rocket Vlado, Dylan Math, Physics TBD TBD Software and physical?
9 Modeling Society People Nate, Philip Sociology TBD Agent modeling, NetLogo
10-11 Systems Dynamics Models Systems Dynamics Placeholder Matt, Sam Sociology TBD TBD
12-13 Chaotic Systems Climate Mikio, Fitz Lots TBD TBD


There are a number of themes that run through the units:

The units should have the following attributes, for the pedagogical ones all units should try to adhere to them, for the others we just need to make sure at least one unit covers them.

Mechanical and structural stuff:

Scientific Tools


Foundation Skills



Some of these should go somewhere, and some of these should be in every unit.

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