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Proposed work

Complements academic program


Text/ Resources

Additional articles from various scientific journals.

Excerpts from other bioinformatic texts (will be determined).

Meeting Times


Aug 30-Sept 5: Chp. 1-3 Beginning Perl, Install Perl and work through Chp 4. BI for Dummies : Chp. 1.

Sept 6-12: Chp. 5 Beginning Perl, Chp. 2 BI for Dummies

Sept 13-19: Chp. 6 Beginning Perl, Chp. 3 BI for Dummies. Personal Projects should be underway.

Sept 20-26: Chp. 7 Beginning Perl, Chp. 4 BI for Dummies

Sept 27-Oct 3: Chp. 8 Beginning Perl, Chp. 5 BI for Dummies

Oct 4-10: Chp. 9 Beginning Perl, Chp. 6 BI for Dummies

Oct 11-17: Chp. 10 Beginning Perl, Chp. 7 BI for Dummies

Oct 18-24: Chp. 11 Beginning Perl, Chp. 8 BI for Dummies

Oct 25-31: Chp. 12 Beginning Perl, Chp. 9 BI for Dummies

Nov 1-7: Chp. 12 Beginning Perl, Chp. 9 BI for Dummies

Nov 8-14: Writing codes for personal project

Nov 15-21: Focus on personal project, using modules

Nov 29-Dec 5: Focus on personal project, using modules

We will present a Biology colloquium on February, 11, to introduce the general topic of bioinformatics, applications in "the real world", and propose a syllabus for a course at Earlham, or another small liberal arts undergraduate college.

Our outline may be viewed here.

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