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Survey Paper

Each of you will individually research and write a survey paper on a topic chosen from the list below (including your own suggestions). The papers will be approximately 6-8 pages in length (US letter size, single-spaced, with illustrations) including a bibliography in standard form (MLA, APA, etc.). You can choose whichever one you prefer but you must apply it correctly and consistently. The paper will be tutorial in nature, that is it will assume an inexpert audience and will introduce the basic concepts of the topic and the current work in this area. Neatness, organization, copyediting and the like all count significantly. Look for opportunities for visualizations.

There are three distinct aspects to consider; science, technology and society. The science explains the how and why of the underlying principles. Technology is the bits and pieces that make it possible to accomplish it. Finally there are significant societal implications for all of the topics; e.g. who has access to it, controversies surrounding the use of it, etc.

This is a survey paper, that is you should assume your audience knows little about the topic. You will need to introduce the vocabulary, concepts, techniques, technologies, and issues surrounding it.

Given the broad nature of the approach, that is science, technology and society, you should use a broad range of sources. For example I wouldn't trust an article from a scientific journal to have a good read on how society is reacting to the use of a given technique.

Some of you have chosen similar topics, I am not against having you compare notes and discussing your approach, content, sources, etc. with those people. In fact I would encourage you to do that.


Potential Topics

All of these are just germs, you would need to expand on them in your initial proposal outlining what your take would be:

Potential Sources


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