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Lab Write-up for Group Purple


Our task was to find the Latitude and Longitude of the Greenwich Theater using three different methods. We were also tasked with finding the elevation and distance to the Prime Meridian using two different methods, and what was due south and North of the location. Here is the methods we used to find the information.

The Greenwich Theater was located several hundred meters from the Thames and had its back to the Royal Naval College. While the theater itself is fairly large, we were only concerned with the front entrance which was a small awning overlooking a fairly quiet street. The Rose and Crown Pub was next door, which happened to be due North of the entrance. The Fan Museum was due South.

Data Collection

Data Analysis


Using a variety of methods we were able to return a variety of results. Generally the newer the technology the better it was. Obviously our guesses lacked the accuracy of the GPS and Google Earth. Interestingly enough, Google Earth is not noted for its accuracy for a variety of reasons including updates in the software used to stitch it together. The GPS was the only tool with readily available data on its accuracy and it did not turn out to be that precise. We do not have any raw data, we will make sure to collect it in the future.

Extra Credit

File:Earthlab.pdf Extra Credit

Reviewed - 21 February 2011

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