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Edinburgh, Friday - Sunday, 15 - 18 April 2011


We'll be taking the train from King's Cross station at 18:15, plan to be there by 18:00 at the latest, let's gather near the Information Booth that's across from the big train board. It's a 5 hour trip to Edinburgh so plan accordingly. Our seats are spread-out among three cars so Fitz and I are going to have to engineer a meal for us that we can divide-up before we board.

For the return journey we'll be taking the 12:00 from Waverley Street station, arriving back at King's Cross at about 16:50.


Edinburgh is almost due North of London, and on the North Sea, so it's a bit cooler than London these days, pack accordingly. It's a beautiful city to walk around with lots of parks so bring comfortable shoes.

Read/skim through the following resources about Edinburgh and the sites we'll find there (all from Wikipedia):


We'll get to town late on Friday night, St. Christopher's Hostel is only a couple of blocks from the Waverley Street train station. On Saturday morning you will be free to roam the city, the Royal Mile, the castle, etc. At 12:50 sharp we'll meet at Our Dynamic Earth (see above) for a bespoke program on how to give science presentations, a tour of the museum, and a dome show. We should be done there by about 17:00. On Saturday evening we'll have dinner together. After that you are free to do what you would like until 11:00 Sunday when we will depart from the hostel for the train station and the trip back to London.

Science, Technology and Society

Things to See and Do

Blogger and Photographer

We will need two volunteers from the studio audience to take pictures and write-up/post a blog entry about this excursion. Get in touch if you are interested. In order to spur interest in these positions I'm offering 5 bonus points if you take on one of these tasks.

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