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Bath Excursion, Friday-Sunday 8-10 April, 2011


Before Friday afternoon you should:


Bath is located about 100 miles west of London, we'll be taking the train for this excursion. The plan is to leave Friday evening at 19:30 from Paddington Station, arriving in Bath at 20:59. Here's a picture of where we'll meet at 19:00, this is the Information Booth on the National Rail side of the station across from where you come-up the stairs from the tube on the left.

Information booth at Paddington National Rail

On Sunday we'll leave Bath on either the {7:58, 8:33, 8:58, 10:00, 10:43, 11:43} train, arriving back at Paddington about 1.5 hours after we depart. We'll need to travel in 3 groups of 4 so on Saturday evening we'll sort-out who is going to leave when.


Most of us will be staying at the Bath Backpackers hostel in Bath, due to accessibility issues Spencer and Krystnell will be staying nearby in another facility. We'll have two 8 person rooms, one for the women and one for the men.


Since there is such a wealth of things to see and do in Bath (see below) I'd like to give you as much flexibility as possible to choose what interests you most.

One thing we all expressed an interest in was visiting Stonehenge, we'll do that as a group on Saturday at 12:30, returning around 16:00.

In terms of dining we'll eat Saturday dinner together at a Thai restaurant that Fitz found. Fitz will distribute money at the train station on Friday for you to cover the remainder of your meals.

Science, Technology and Society

Probably the biggest, literally, thing related to science in or near Bath is Stonehenge (Wikipedia), the monument was built some 4500 years ago, probably to track celestial movements, by people that had no written language that we know of. There are tours which take approximately three hours leaving from central Bath on Saturday afternoon. This includes a tour through the local countryside (very bucolic) and drive-bys of other sites related to the people who made and used Stonehenge.

Charlie is working on a simple lab for us to do while at Stonehenge, stay-tuned.

About Bath

Bath is a very old city, the charter was granted in 1590 and history of the city goes back to the time of the Romans (~AD 43) when it was established as a spa resort. There are many sites in and around Bath related to this history.

Remember that your cultural allowances are good in Bath too, just save your receipts and turn them in to Fitz to be reimbursed after the trip. If you want to keep the stub just photocopy it first and submit the photocopy for reimbursement.




Like most towns in England Bath has a vibrant market, see the map of downtown Bath for the location.


We will need two volunteers from the studio audience to take pictures and write-up/post a blog entry about this excursion. Get in touch if you are interested.

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