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Topic Matrix
Week Topic Unit(s) Who Discipline(s)
1 What's a Model? Foundations Sam, Mikio Generic
2 Building a Static Model Area Philip, Bryan Generic
3 Using a Dynamic Model Fire Fitz, Vlado Forestry
4 Visualizing Data Mashup Matt, Nate TBD
5-6 Structural Modeling Bridge Bryan, Dylan Bridge Building
7-8 Equation Modeling Rocket Vlado, Sam Math, Physics
9 Agent Based Modeling and Computational Sociology People Nate, Philip Sociology
10-11 Modeling Predator-Prey Interactions Lynx and rabbits Dylan, Matt Biology
12-13 Chaotic Systems Climate Mikio, Fitz Lots
14 End Notes Wrap-up and review TBD Lots

Concepts, Techniques and Tools

There are a number of recurring themes, standard scientific techniques, and tools for doing science both in the real world and with a computing system contained in this course. Many of them are seen at more than one point.

The plan is to introduce all of them at the start of the course, call them out whenever we encounter them during the course, and then review all of them as a group at the end of the course.





Overall Context

General Education

Items to be sorted

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