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Welcome to BCCD-NG

BCCD-NG is an experimental project to extend the ideas behind the Bootable Cluster CD, and possibly be used in the next-generation LittleFe clusters. It aims to replace much of the custom scripting in the BCCD with a stock Debian installation that is easier to maintain, and also to be capable of both RAM-disk and hard disk operation.

Specifically, the projects goals are to:

  • Automate the installation of a head cluster node.
  • Automate the configuration of diskless booting on the head cluster node, allowing any number of client nodes to boot off it.
  • Automate the installation and configuration of HPC software.

In short, the project aims to be a turn-key solution to high-performance compute cluster configuration.


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Note: This is alpha software, and should not even be interpreted as production-quality.