Build a live CD

  1. Check out the SVN repository: svn co
  2. cd debian-cluster/branches/livecd-devel/bin
  3. perl --arch i386 --outiso <outiso> --suite etch
  4. Burn that ISO to a CD, or boot it up in a VM.

Liberate that live CD or USB

  1. As root, run `perl /root/ --libdev /dev/hard-drive-device --- this clears any exists partitions and LVM data on that drive
  2. Reboot and boot off that drive.
  3. If you are liberating onto the head node of a diskless cluster specify internal and external NICs and configure DHCP by specifying startdhcp on the kernel boot line (once).

Re-Liberate that live CD or USB

Boot off of USB.

There's cruft on the disk that interferes with the liberation so first we clean it.

  1. dd if=/dev/zero of=/disk/device bs=1M count=10000

Create a bootable USB drive

Required: BCCD ISO image, 512+ MB USB drive, Linux system with syslinux, fdisk

1) Partition your USB drive using fdisk

a) fdisk /dev/(usb_device) [example /dev/sdb]
b) delete all partitions [press d at the prompt]
c) create a new partiton [press n at the prompt]
d) change the type of the partition to W95 FAT32 [press 't' then '1' then 'b']
e) make partition bootable/active [press a]
f) press w to save changes

2) Format the USB drive

a) as root type mkfs.vfat /dev/(usb_partition) [example /dev/sdb1]

3) Add MBR to the drive

a) cat /path/to/syslinux/mbr.bin /dev/(usb_device) [example cat /usr/bin/syslinux/mbr.bin /dev/sdb ]

4) Run syslinux

a) run syslinux -s /dev/(usb_partition) [example syslinux -s /dev/sdb1 ]

5) Reboot and test you should get a prompt from syslinux when booting from the usb device.

6) Mount the ISO and mount USB drive.

7) Copy over all contents from the ISO over to the USB drive.

8) Move all files from boot folder to the root of the USB drive.

9) Rename isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg

10) Unmount the ISO and the drive.

Re-create a bootable USB drive

If you have already performed all the steps listed above you can re-fresh the USB drive with a new build of the BCCD-NG by following these steps.

1) Mount the new BCCD-NG image and the USB drive.

2) Copy the singularity file (the full path is KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX) from the BCCD-NG image to the USB drive.

3) Unmount the image and the drive.

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