13:38 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5558] by skylar
inside chroot re #947


08:13 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5557] by skylar
chown in chroot re #947
00:32 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5556] by mmludin08
updated BCCD copyright message to the bccd-bulk-useradd script


18:00 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5555] by mmludin08
added BCCD copyright message to the script


21:28 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5554] by skylar
DISKLESS stage should set HEADNODE re #967
21:23 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5553] by skylar
check that NODE is set re #967
21:17 Ticket #913 (Evaluate OpenACC) closed by skylar
fixed: won't support openacc
21:17 Ticket #914 (Add openacc support) closed by skylar
closed: won't support openacc
21:09 Ticket #967 (bccd-snarfhosts add_uniq_node should check whether node variable is set) created by amweeden
Diskless nodes throw an egrep error when running bccd-snarfhosts. It …
14:49 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5552] by mmludin08
updated the bccd-bulk-useradd script


23:08 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5551] by mmludin08
wrote bccd-bulk-useradd script for automating bulk user creation


15:44 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5550] by amweeden06
Add starter code for Rabbits and Wolves
12:40 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5549] by amweeden06
Rabbits and wolves - fix bugs and adjust model behavior to be more …


18:21 Changeset in /cluster/svnroot [5548] by amweeden06
Tiny changes
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