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BCCD multiple monitor support

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From Brad:

I'm watching the Raspberry Pi cluster talk from SDSC. Those of you who were in San Deigo for the SIPE class and the programming contest remember the 15-monitor wall in a 3x5 array, and watching them play Pong on the cluster.

They have a 16-node Raspberry Pi cluster. One head node and one for each of the 15 monitors. They're talking about how having separate monitors makes it much easier for newbies to see that the n+1 nodes are doing n different things.

Has anyone hooked up six monitors to the LittleFe? and had different visual output from each one?

From Josh:

Yeah I was playing around with both using the displays as a tile wall (application is unaware of the multiple displays, and uses it as just a big monitor) and having a parallel application display something on each display (application is aware of the multiple displays, and which one it is assigned). The latter I had much more control over, and a bit of success. The former mostly devolved into fighting software installations and configurations.

It would be neat if someone (I might be able to help) to create a curriculum module for this type of activity. Not necessarily the tile wall setup, but a parallel application where each process is displaying something to its individual display.

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