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Add caution re LVM removal

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While I agree that typically people would liberate BCCD on a computer that will be fully dedicated to BCCD, this is not always the case. I can imagine cases where someone wants to use BCCD and so adds a new hard drive to an existing machine for that purpose. Or, in my case, I was trying to think of a way for each student in my class to be able to have their own instance of BCCD to play with on our LittleFe?, given that it's inherently set up as a single-user OS, so I was trying to liberate it to a USB drive. What caught me unaware was that doing this wiped the LVM information off the hard drive, which I was hoping to leave alone as it was already set up.

I don't know a whole lot about LVM and I can see how it might be difficult to have the liberate process determine exactly what disks to modify and which to leave alone. How about a warning step where the user is told that liberation will (or at least may) modify information on any and all attached drives and must respond to indicate this is okay to proceed.

On 12/12/2012 06:26 AM, Charlie Peck wrote:

On Dec 7, 2012, at 11:07 PM, Skylar Thompson wrote:

We can make a best effort to ensure that LVM only affect the physical device provided by --libdev, although the nature of LVM is that the logical volumes (what the filesystem sees) are abstracted away from the physical devices. This means that a logical volume could span multiple physical devices, so removing a physical volume could impact logical volumes that have extents elsewhere.

If it's useful, I could try to make liberation a bit more intelligent and try not to zorch more than is needed.

Maybe I'm missing something but don't people typically liberate to disk drives that are on machines that don't have other drives with operating systems/data already on them?

If I understand the issue correctly this is unlikely to be problem for most people, but one with huge negative consequences if they do have other LVM drives on the system.


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