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#555 OpenMPI appears to not work in Liberation skylar defect major Both
#565 mpd does not always start on pxe nodes fitz defect major Both
#573 write formal document describing build/release process fitz enhancement major 3.0 Both
#594 Get virtualbox functioning on edu-grid again skylar task minor Both
#655 Disable bccd-allow-all for testing skylar task minor Both
#669 Test unetbootin skylar task minor Both
#738 i386 gets amd64 packages skylar defect major Both
#827 Virtualbox key skylar defect major Both
#865 Add script to configure WPA wifi skylar enhancement minor Both
#874 mpd depends on python2.6 skylar defect minor 3.4.0 Both
#895 USB boot fails on Jetway NC98 board defect major 3.4.0 Live
#177 Install OpenMP skylar enhancement minor Software installation
#205 Networking bootup error: IP DNE, Authorative answer skylar defect minor
#223 nologin somebody defect major
#263 Dropped default route skylar defect minor
#337 Reliberation broken skylar defect minor
#359 NFS statd hangs when started somebody defect major
#374 Make dhclient timeout faster skylar enhancement minor
#413 X appears at password prompt skylar defect minor
#470 Kernel not merged skylar defect critical
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