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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#211 networking script has wrong permissions skylar defect blocker ISO generation
#79 ssh user not present skylar defect critical Live CD
#362 /etc/hosts mapping skylar defect critical
#4 Create diskless initrd skylar defect major Get netbooting working
#17 Ethernet module loading skylar defect major Get netbooting working
#24 Create script to re-generate diskless root skylar task major Get netbooting working
#93 automount temp mtab skylar defect major Post install configuration
#95 Unionfs testing skylar task major Post install initial setup
#168 Rebuild gromacs/fftw for mpich2 skylar task major Software installation
#252 PXE boot in live CD skylar defect major Live CD
#349 Fetch software over DAV skylar enhancement major
#14 Fix diskless rsync problems skylar defect minor Get netbooting working
#126 Test::Trap? skylar defect minor ISO generation
#159 Delete useless directories in live CD task minor Live CD
#181 Install ganglia somebody enhancement minor Software installation
#277 grub menus somebody enhancement minor Post install initial setup
#350 Software unification over davfs skylar enhancement minor
#13 rsync /sys errors skylar defect trivial Get netbooting working
#48 Use dhcp tag to determine machine type enhancement trivial Post install configuration
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