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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#408 KVM somebody task trivial
#412 Create trac users skylar task trivial
#423 Make md5sum point at real ISO and not temp ISO skylar defect trivial
#438 Fix MANPATH in modules skylar defect trivial
#474 Add builddir option to build_livecd enhancement trivial ISO generation
#571 Document adding 3rd-party packages skylar task trivial Both
#590 LittleFe history skylar task trivial Both
#634 Update supported architectures in sources.list defect trivial Both
#636 Don't error on NICs w/o IP addresses skylar defect trivial Both
#645 Provide deb-src in sources.list skylar enhancement trivial Both
#672 BCCD logo for liberated grub mmludin08 enhancement trivial 3.3.0 Both
#675 shutdown menu item skylar enhancement trivial 3.2.0 Both
#686 Keep bccd-usage from running in liberation skylar enhancement trivial 3.1.1 Both
#695 HPL should use openmpi-1.4.5 skylar defect trivial 3.1.1 Both
#709 OpenMPI 1.4.5 on i386 needs symlink skylar defect trivial 3.1.1 Both
#712 Remove tftpd-hpa workaround for amd64 skylar enhancement trivial Both
#713 Make libstdc symlink architecture dependent skylar defect trivial Both
#735 Allow non-bccd users to run CUDA skylar enhancement trivial 3.2.0 Both
#753 Reverse sort machines files skylar enhancement trivial 3.2.1 Both
#760 Remove unneeded skylar enhancement trivial 3.3.0 Both
#780 Add vimrc that complies w/ Perl Best Practices skylar enhancement trivial 3.3.0 Both
#805 Remove old software directory skylar task trivial 3.3.0 Both
#847 Generate md5sum at end of build skylar enhancement trivial 3.3.2 Live
#869 mkswap complains of erasing bootbits sectors skylar defect trivial 3.3.2 Both
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