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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#397 :1 interface created incorrectly skylar defect critical
#422 2 home directories on liberated version skylar defect minor
#770 ACPI sleep states skylar defect minor 3.3.0 Both
#831 Add a README for cpumon enhancement minor 3.3.1 Both
#279 Add assign_hostname skylar enhancement minor
#376 Add to /etc/hosts skylar defect critical
#597 Add BCCD to Debian census skylar task major Both
#393 Add bccd-version skylar enhancement minor
#474 Add builddir option to build_livecd enhancement trivial ISO generation
#756 Add caution re LVM removal skylar enhancement major 3.2.1 Both
#762 Add CPU scaling skylar enhancement minor 3.3.0 Both
#621 Add CUDA examples to the bccd user's home directory enhancement minor 3.2.0 Both
#375 Add dig and nslookup skylar enhancement trivial
#384 Add e1000e support skylar enhancement critical
#721 Add ifort for i386 skylar defect major 3.2.0 Both
#616 Add IP numbers to display during network configuration skylar enhancement major Both
#363 Add JDK skylar defect critical
#367 Add localhost to hosts.allow skylar defect major
#381 Add mkfs.vfat skylar enhancement trivial
#542 Add mpicc wrapper to check for architecture build problems skylar enhancement major 3.1.1 Both
#342 Add nedit skylar enhancement trivial
#169 Add old bccd home dir contents skylar enhancement major Software installation
#754 Add option to print bccd-snarfhosts machines file skylar enhancement minor 3.2.1 Both
#775 Add option to reverse sort bccd-snarfhosts skylar enhancement minor 3.3.0 Both
#615 Add --release option to build_livecd fitz enhancement major 3.0.3 Both
#714 Add support for AppleUSBEHCI skylar enhancement minor 3.2.0 Both
#802 Add support for r8168 skylar defect minor 3.3.0 Both
#726 Add support to /etc/skel/.vimrc for CUDA syntax highlighting skylar enhancement major 3.2.0 Both
#400 Add time tracking to trac skylar task major
#780 Add vimrc that complies w/ Perl Best Practices skylar enhancement trivial 3.3.0 Both
#262 Add xresprobe for vga debugging skylar task major Software installation
#341 Allow empty password skylar enhancement minor
#409 Allow for X server to start automtaically skylar enhancement minor
#735 Allow non-bccd users to run CUDA skylar enhancement trivial 3.2.0 Both
#129 allow svn revision build skylar enhancement major ISO generation
#225 allow use of local debmirror skylar defect minor
#739 Apache/CGI doc skylar task minor 3.2.0 Both
#60 apt-get in build_livecd barfs skylar defect blocker Live CD
#389 apt sources point to different kernel and header versions skylar defect minor Software installation Both
#96 Aufs testing skylar defect major Post install configuration
#196 auto build broken skylar defect blocker ISO generation
#269 Auto build failing skylar defect critical
#768 Auto generate LittleFe USB sticks skylar task major 3.3.0 Both
#91 auto.home not being replaced in liberation skylar defect major Post install initial setup
#774 Auto-liberated based on boot prompt skylar enhancement major 3.3.2 Live
#118 automate ISO generation skylar task major ISO generation
#76 automounter in live CD skylar defect minor Live CD
#603 Autoremove unneeded packages skylar enhancement minor 3.0.3 Both
#863 Backport ASROCK support to v3.3.2 skylar enhancement critical 3.3.2 Both
#513 Backup package manifest skylar task critical Both
#229 bad fftw symlink skylar defect minor
#163 Base interface for hostname on stage skylar defect minor
#109 bashrc from bccd skylar defect minor
#657 BCCD 3.1rc is too big skylar defect major 3.1.1 Both
#405 bccd-allowall autostart somebody enhancement major
#458 bccd-allowall should not continuously report errors when networking is borked fitz defect minor
#732 BCCD bloated again skylar defect blocker 3.2.0 Both
#519 bccd-build down task major Both
#521 bccd-build down skylar task critical Both
#512 bccd-build failing to remove build directory skylar defect critical Both
#450 bccd-checkem update for smp machines file somebody defect major Live CD
#829 bccd-copy-leases calls non-existent bccd-nic-getip skylar defect minor 3.3.1 Both
#551 bccd-denyall skylar defect minor Both
#360 BCCD DHCP modes skylar enhancement minor
#475 bccd_latest build failing skylar defect blocker
#417 bccd_latest build problems skylar defect blocker
#460 bccd_latest not building properly skylar task major
#672 BCCD logo for liberated grub mmludin08 enhancement trivial 3.3.0 Both
#692 BCCD multi-user awareness skylar defect major 3.1.1 Both
#587 to use drupal defect major Both
#331 BCCD-NG -> BCCD v3 skylar task major
#355 bccd-nic-setup skylar defect major
#557 bccd-nics is missing execute perms in liberation skylar defect minor Both
#728 bccd-nvidia not started automatically in r3777 skylar defect major 3.2.0 Both
#348 BCCD on a diet skylar enhancement major Both
#508 BCCD paper skylar task major Both
#527 bccd-passwd not prompting skylar defect critical Both
#859 bccd-report mail functionality broken skylar defect minor 3.3.2 Both
#882 bccd-reset-network calls undefined network value on network w/ DHCP server skylar defect minor 3.3.2 Both
#584 bccd-reset-network is not starting properly skylar defect major 3.0.2 Both
#771 bccd-shutdown command skylar defect minor 3.3.1 Both
#871 bccd-shutdown fails with mpich2 loaded skylar defect minor 3.3.2 Both
#766 bccd-snarfhosts 'basename' error with > 2 nodes skylar defect major 3.2.1 Live
#638 bccd-snarfhosts errors on network interruption skylar enhancement major 3.1.1 Both
#734 bccd-snarfhosts in i386 buggy skylar defect minor 3.2.0 Both
#781 bccd-snarfhosts needs to run as root skylar enhancement major 3.3.0 Both
#846 bccd-snarfhosts not picking up diskless nodes skylar defect critical 3.3.2 Liberated
#228 BCCD Splash screen skylar defect major
#448 bccd-syncdir does not play well with snmp changes fitz defect major Live CD
#344 bccd-syncdir machines file skylar defect minor
#535 bccd-syncdir not copying skylar defect major Both
#275 bccd-syncdir unique directory skylar enhancement minor Software installation
#696 BCCD system state report skylar enhancement major 3.2.1 Both
#524 BCCD testing framework skylar enhancement major 3.3.1 Both
#815 BCCD v3.3.0 testing skylar task major Both
#653 Better cron job skylar enhancement minor 3.2.0 Both
#27 Better shell error checking skylar enhancement minor Post install initial setup
#30 Better testing in postinstall skylar enhancement critical Post install configuration
#29 Better testing in preseed_isolinux skylar enhancement critical ISO generation
#776 Bootable USB 2nd partition not visible in Windows skylar defect major 3.3.0 Both
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