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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#214 R needs libg2c skylar defect major
#461 bccd_latest not building properly skylar task major
#566 OpenMPI/X11 trouble over multiple nodes fitz defect major Both
#622 Add CUDA tests to the test suite skylar task major Both
#719 put $(LIBS) last in the Makefile Skylar defect major 3.1.1 Both
#812 Multiple copies of ~bccd directory Mobeen defect major Both
#937 Install CUDA 7, rebuild nvidia.ko task major 3.4.0 Both
#284 Configure c3 skylar enhancement minor
#611 pdnsd not started on head node skylar defect minor 3.0.3 Both
#678 fdisk/LVM errors in liberation skylar defect minor Both
#708 Option to ignore enhancement minor Both
#751 Update BCCD desktop defect minor 3.3.1 Both
#800 mesa-utils / NVIDIA conflict skylar defect minor Both
#907 Remove mpj module skylar task trivial 3.4.0 Both
#909 Remove torque module task trivial 3.4.0 Both
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