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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#674 Snapshot builds broken skylar defect critical Both
#453 OpenMPI bug somebody defect major Liberated
#454 Restarting head node's mpd fitz defect major Both
#484 Remove LAM and LAM dependencies fitz enhancement major Both
#497 NAT configuration failed defect major Both
#514 Update gromacs test defect major Both
#523 Support for external mail leemasa enhancement major 3.1.1 Both
#530 VBox Development Image enhancement major Both
#576 Unify wiki installs defect major Both
#588 Add a param_space test to the BCCD test suite mmludin08 task major 3.3.4 Both
#591 Merge mediawiki installations defect major Both
#598 libgl reports incorrect architecture on amd64 skylar defect major 3.0.3 Both
#612 Write up GSoC org application fitz enhancement major Both
#710 Fix Makefiles for mpich2 skylar enhancement major 3.1.1 Both
#792 Install python visual skylar enhancement major Both
#836 mpich2 hangs in liberation defect major Both
#914 Add openacc support skylar enhancement major 3.3.4 Both
#963 Write custom copytree for BCCD package build skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#965 Look into using multistrap skylar task major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1017 Set hostname based on IP address skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#489 Add kernel headers package enhancement minor Both
#628 Assume pxenode000 for liberation head node skylar enhancement minor Both
#697 python-visual bug skylar defect minor 3.2.0 Both
#902 Remove R module skylar task trivial 3.4.0 Both
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