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#480 open bccd-syncdir essentially overwrites machines file skylar fitz
  • bccd-syncdir copies via rsync, via ssh
  • ssh starts a login shell (bash)
  • bash sources/executes ~bccd/.bash_profile
  • bash_profile loads the openmpi module
  • loading the openmpi module regenerates the machines file

This has implications for using mpich2, namely that the machines file would need to be regenerated before running applications.

This goes beyond just bccd-syncdir as well. Other background tasks and even mpirun itself use SSH to get things done, so this is a much wider problem.

#177 worksforme Install OpenMP skylar skylar

from sced

#205 worksforme Networking bootup error: IP DNE, Authorative answer skylar lemanal

the following error is generated from /etc/init/network start: does not exist (Authoritative answer)

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