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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#911 Prepare v3.3.4 release skylar task blocker 3.3.4 Both
#1001 Configure BCCD networking skylar enhancement blocker 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#910 Add opencl support skylar enhancement critical 3.4.0 Both
#504 BCCD accessibility skylar enhancement major Both
#520 Testing x output skylar enhancement major Both
#529 VBox Development Image skylar enhancement major Both
#549 Multiple ISOs based on included software skylar defect major Both
#556 create page to process/show results from usage surveys mmludin08 enhancement major Both
#596 bccd-usage hasn't run since 20 Nov 2010 fitz defect major Both
#661 Investigate VNC to support multiple graphical users mmludin08 enhancement major Both
#693 Investigate iPXE mmludin08 enhancement major Both
#898 Prepare v3.4.0 release skylar task major 3.4.0 Both
#919 Fix HPL build skylar defect major 3.4.0 Both
#945 build_bootable_USB fails with syslinux 6 skylar defect major 3.4.0 Both
#981 bccd-add-pbsnodes should create/enable batch queue skylar defect major 3.3.4 Both
#982 PBS jobs never leave Q state skylar defect major 3.3.4 Both
#983 Install R/3.3.1 skylar task major Both
#984 Create shared GPG key for apt repo signing skylar task major Both
#988 Setup bccd user skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1011 Rebuild nvidia package for new kernel skylar task major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1016 Setup non-VBox DHCP server skylar task major Both
#1017 Set hostname based on IP address skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1018 BCCD cluster discovery skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#444 Critical build_livecd ops fitz enhancement minor Both
#586 Trac to use hopper LDAP skylar enhancement minor Both
#985 Test Shiny for Erin skylar task minor Both
#891 Remove old 3.6.0bccd i386 kernel module directory skylar task trivial Both
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