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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#923 Switch BCCD v3.4.0 to unstable qa skylar blocker 3.4.0 Both
#1001 Configure BCCD networking assigned skylar blocker 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1004 Switch repo signing key to BCCD (from Skylar) qa skylar blocker 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#910 Add opencl support assigned skylar critical 3.4.0 Both
#500 Proposal: Global Config File new mmludin08 major Both
#504 BCCD accessibility assigned skylar major Both
#520 Testing x output assigned skylar major Both
#529 VBox Development Image assigned skylar major Both
#556 create page to process/show results from usage surveys assigned mmludin08 major Both
#601 Draw up release process scripts new mmludin08 major 3.4.0 Both
#614 Command line option to needs a better name new mmludin08 major 3.4.0 Both
#626 Add page to display test results new major Both
#661 Investigate VNC to support multiple graphical users assigned mmludin08 major Both
#676 Quick reference guide gearded for LittleFe new major Both
#677 Publish GalaxSee, HPL, etc. benchmark results new amweeden06 major Both
#693 Investigate iPXE assigned mmludin08 major Both
#730 Add CUDA and hybrid versions of area under a curve to ~bccd/Area-under-curve new amweeden06 major 3.4.0 Both
#773 bccd-bootup new major Both
#856 Begin BCCD v3.4.0, wheezy upgrade qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#877 Build new nvidia module (340.32) for v3.4.0 qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#892 Rebuild r8168 for 3.4.0 qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#931 Test removal of systemd in v3.4.0 qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#940 Build R/3.2.1 qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#953 PBS setup in v3.4.0 qa charliep major 3.4.0 Both
#956 Sign apt repo qa skylar major 3.4.0 Both
#962 Setup kernel and initramfs for new build process qa skylar major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#976 Setup diversions for file conflicts qa skylar major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#988 Setup bccd user assigned skylar major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1000 Allow bccd-passwd-wrapper to run as root qa skylar major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#1009 Separate non-BCCD package install from BCCD packages new skylar major 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#336 Rework boot scripts new minor Both
#426 Version check new minor Both
#437 Minimize starts of dhclient new minor Both
#444 Critical build_livecd ops assigned fitz minor Both
#505 Auto test image new minor None
#586 Trac to use hopper LDAP assigned skylar minor Both
#646 Allow custom BCCD DHCP tag new minor Both
#670 Investigate net booting live CD new minor Both
#750 BCCD system state changes new minor Both
#752 BCCD software manifest new minor Both
#755 Limit LVM scope new minor Both
#835 BCCD multiple monitor support new minor Both
#841 Wi-Fi GUI configuration interface new mmludin08 minor 3.4.0 Both
#848 Use absolute paths in and new skylar minor Both
#870 Allow easier debugging of auto-liberation errors qa skylar minor Both
#920 Rebuild pypar for python 2.7 qa skylar minor 3.4.0 Both
#944 build_bootable_USB with no Internet qa skylar minor 3.4.0 Liberated
#994 Include /etc/bccd-revision file qa skylar minor 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#998 Clean /var/cache/apt before making debootstrap-bccd.tar.bz2 qa skylar minor 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#960 Remove redundant diskless initramfs generation in qa skylar trivial 3.4.0 Both
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