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#1007 aufs 4.14 does not work with Linux 4.14 qa skylar defect major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1008 BCCD v3.4.0-build_ng hangs on boot qa skylar defect major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1009 Separate non-BCCD package install from BCCD packages new skylar enhancement major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1010 Write script to re-generate squashfs and ISO qa skylar task trivial 3.4.0-build_ng
#1011 Rebuild nvidia package for new kernel assigned skylar task major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1012 X11 does not start qa skylar defect major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1013 Setup jenkins-job-builder to automate generation of Jenkins jobs qa skylar task major 3.4.0-build_ng
#1014 Disable AppArmor new skylar task major 3.4.0-build_ng
#336 Rework boot scripts new enhancement minor
#426 Version check new enhancement minor
#437 Minimize starts of dhclient new enhancement minor
#444 Critical build_livecd ops assigned fitz enhancement minor
#500 Proposal: Global Config File new mmludin08 enhancement major
#504 BCCD accessibility assigned skylar enhancement major
#520 Testing x output assigned skylar enhancement major
#529 VBox Development Image assigned skylar enhancement major
#549 Multiple ISOs based on included software assigned skylar defect major
#556 create page to process/show results from usage surveys assigned mmludin08 enhancement major
#586 Trac to use hopper LDAP assigned skylar enhancement minor
#596 bccd-usage hasn't run since 20 Nov 2010 assigned fitz defect major
#626 Add page to display test results new enhancement major
#646 Allow custom BCCD DHCP tag new enhancement minor
#661 Investigate VNC to support multiple graphical users assigned mmludin08 enhancement major
#670 Investigate net booting live CD new enhancement minor
#676 Quick reference guide gearded for LittleFe new enhancement major
#677 Publish GalaxSee, HPL, etc. benchmark results new amweeden06 enhancement major
#693 Investigate iPXE assigned mmludin08 enhancement major
#750 BCCD system state changes new enhancement minor
#752 BCCD software manifest new enhancement minor
#755 Limit LVM scope new enhancement minor
#773 bccd-bootup new enhancement major
#824 Poster map by LittleFe type new task minor
#835 BCCD multiple monitor support new enhancement minor
#848 Use absolute paths in and new skylar enhancement minor
#870 Allow easier debugging of auto-liberation errors qa skylar enhancement minor
#891 Remove old 3.6.0bccd i386 kernel module directory assigned skylar task trivial
#983 Install R/3.3.1 assigned skylar task major
#984 Create shared GPG key for apt repo signing assigned skylar task major
#985 Test Shiny for Erin assigned skylar task minor
#987 Start X11 in v3.4.0 new skylar task major
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