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#875 lm-sensors not present qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#890 Redundant bccd-shutdown test (re #771) qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#918 Rebuild papi w/o intelcc qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#922 Unload MPI modules before liberation MPI test qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#925 Set VirtualBox to point at jessie channel qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#930 Disable "predictable" NIC names qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#939 Rebuld asix.ko for kernel v4.0.0 qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#941 Only node000 should run bccd-nat qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#957 chown's should all happen in chroot qa skylar defect 3.4.0 Both
#967 bccd-snarfhosts add_uniq_node should check whether node variable is set new skylar defect 3.3.4 Both
#971 should call bccd-snarfhosts w/ -f qa skylar defect 3.3.4 Both
#993 Make sure ssh host keys are regenerated during ISO build qa skylar defect 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#336 Rework boot scripts new enhancement Both
#426 Version check new enhancement Both
#437 Minimize starts of dhclient new enhancement Both
#444 Critical build_livecd ops assigned fitz enhancement Both
#505 Auto test image new enhancement None
#586 Trac to use hopper LDAP assigned skylar enhancement Both
#646 Allow custom BCCD DHCP tag new enhancement Both
#670 Investigate net booting live CD new enhancement Both
#750 BCCD system state changes new enhancement Both
#752 BCCD software manifest new enhancement Both
#755 Limit LVM scope new enhancement Both
#835 BCCD multiple monitor support new enhancement Both
#841 Wi-Fi GUI configuration interface new mmludin08 enhancement 3.4.0 Both
#848 Use absolute paths in and new skylar enhancement Both
#870 Allow easier debugging of auto-liberation errors qa skylar enhancement Both
#920 Rebuild pypar for python 2.7 qa skylar enhancement 3.4.0 Both
#944 build_bootable_USB with no Internet qa skylar enhancement 3.4.0 Liberated
#994 Include /etc/bccd-revision file qa skylar enhancement 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#998 Clean /var/cache/apt before making debootstrap-bccd.tar.bz2 qa skylar enhancement 3.4.0-build_ng Both
#824 Poster map by LittleFe type new task Both
#933 Rebuild r8168 for kernel v4.0 qa task 3.4.0 Both
#936 Add Debian stretch/sid to bigfe qa task 3.4.0 Both
#970 How to bunch of users at once under bccd new < mmludin08 > task 3.4.0 Both
#985 Test Shiny for Erin assigned skylar task Both
#996 Include install rule in Makefile for ISO target qa skylar task 3.4.0-build_ng Both
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