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(Apr 10)
(Apr 10)
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==Apr 10==
==Apr 10==
Aybars, where are our notes?
* Geocoder ideas (Colin & Toby):
* Geocoder ideas (Colin & Toby):
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* Data formatter (Alex):
* Data formatter (Alex):
** for tomorrow: create XML schema for markers & polylines (to be fed to UI)
** for tomorrow: create XML schema for markers & polylines (to be fed to UI)
* Estimation of an average time left per person to be submitted tomorrow.

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Feb 15

Possible meeting time: Working M/W/F in the evening for 1 or 2 hours starting the 27th. Toby, Kevin, and I are going to be working this weekend on clustcomp projects and then going to a conference on Feb 22-26.

Feb 28

Mar 1

Mar 6

We compared three of our Kerasotes lab scripts. We apparently all wrote them in PHP. The best innovations we found were Toby's data point definition abstraction and test suite. In essence, the data point definition abstraction allows one to describe a data source and data points that one would like to harvest in a general manner. The test suite is a basis for more general testing of the software that we will write. Also of note, were some of our findings as far as regular expressions. For instance, as a group we learned how to make a regular expression not greedy and how to not save a group (?).
Attached you will find an image of our general model thus far. We have already incorporated some of the ideas discussed in this session, including a more general data point abstraction and streamlined data flow between the programmer API, database, and WUI. As part of our plan, we intend to use Java as the base language, XML for temporary data storage and transfer, PostgreSQL or MySQL for data storage, and XHTML Transitional and JavaScript for the WUI.

Mar 7

Mar 8

Mar 13

Mar 14

Mar 15

Mar 27

Mar 28

Mar 28

Mar 31

April 3

(Toby standing in for Aybars)

Questions for class tomorrow:

Apr 4

Apr 5

Apr 10

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