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American Bittersweet
Celastrus scandens
-can grow to be 30 ft. or more
-prefers partial shade or sun
-prefers moist, well drained, humus-rich soil but will tolerate dry, average soil
-blooms in early summer

Bignonia capreolata
-climbs trees, trellises, fences, chicken-wire, can climb to 60 ft.
-requires full sun
-prefers rich, fertile soil with lots of moisture
-blooms in late spring

Dutchman's Pipe
Aristolochia tomentosa
-very vigorous climber, can grow 25-30 ft. in height
-prefers partial shade
-prefers well drained fertile soils
-bloom in the summer and fall

Kentucky Wisteria
Wisteria macrostachya
-can grow up to 5 ft. long???
-requires a lot of watering
-prefers full sun to partial shade
-blooms in late spring

Passiflora incarnata
-can climb wire, trellises or trunks, can also be used as ground cover
-prefers full sun or very light shade
-requires moist, humus-rich, well drained soils
-blooms in early summer

Trumpet Creeper
Campsis radicans
-can climb to heights over 30 ft.
-prefers full sun to partial shade
-prefers humus-rich, moist soil
-blooms all summer

Virginia Creeper
Parthenocissus quinquefolia
-can climb any type of building material, also works as ground cover
-prefers shade or partial sun
-very tolerant of soil types as long as soil is well-drained
-flowers bloom in early summer
-blue-black berries appear in the fall

Virgins Bower
Clematis virginiana
-can be 50 ft. in length

Yellow Passionflower
Passiflora lutea
-can grow up to 15 ft. in length
-prefers full sun
-can tolerate average clay soils, can tolerate dry soils
-blooms in late summer

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