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Data Management

This section covers how to download the data from the GPS unit, convert it to the necessary file type, and ultimately integrate it into GRASS.

Downloading Data Files

C:\Program Files\PROTRAK\Data

Converting Data Files

GPS Visualizer

You should be redirected to a page with a text box that has the data in text format. Near the top of the page you will see a link with a string of numbers ending in .txt

Importing Data Files

Creating a new GRASS location

The location that we will use to import the .csv files is now set up with the appropriate coordinate system. This will allow us to validate the points' relative locations to each other.

Importing .csv files

Creating location using preferred coordinate system

The Richmond Sanitary District has provided a map of the county using the Transverse Mercator projection. Unfortunately, we cannot just overlay the point map of our data with the map of the county without doing some coordinate system conversion. Luckily, this feature is built into GRASS and we will take advantage of this but first we have to import that map into GRASS to use as our basemap.

Note: This will be used as the location for all subsequent point map reprojections

Reprojecting vector maps

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